It all started in 2009 while driving down Brooklyn’s Belt Parkway. Gary leaned over to his daughter Kary and said, “we should make vodka.” To which Kary replied, “ok, but we have to make it here.”

And so Brooklyn’s first locally-made vodka was born.

We’re Vodka Super Fans

Our family has always had a knack for spirits. Growing up, world travels would always conclude with a new vodka bottle added to the home collection. You could say we’re a bit obsessed.  After years of traveling and tasting, we realized we knew so much about the process and quality and vodka experience that it was time we created the best on our own.

We’re a Brooklyn Family

Our Brooklyn roots are deep. and BKR is a family business. Master Blender Gary, wife Zina, and partner Mark all immigrated to the borough more than three decades ago from Eastern Europe, bringing with them traditions and experience. Their kids, Samantha and Kary, were raised in Brooklyn. Kary, who still lives there today, is BKR’s creative director.

Brooklyn is a State of Mind

The spirit of Brooklyn is all about authenticity and being true to your roots, no matter where you’re from. We’re so proud to be a Brooklyn family, and we share that connection with our vodka fans from all over the tri-state area.

Cheers to the Republic.

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