Brooklyn’s first locally made vodka.
Handcrafted in small batches by our master blender.

Picking the Greatest Grains

Our process starts by selecting the finest grains from the American midwest and Hudson Valley to undergo an initial 6-column spirit distillation right near where they’re harvested. Each still is designed to remove a specific impurity, and we choose this process over traditional stills for its highly refined ability to make exceptional raw spirit.

Our Master Blender in Brooklyn creates a proprietary blend of grain spirits, including sweet corn and organic wheat, which is then filtered and blended with local Brooklyn water.  The sweet corn adds a smooth finish that leaves virtually not bitterness or “bite” you’d expect from other distilled starches.

Water Perfection

Vodka is made up of a lot of water, so it’s important to get that right. For us, that Brooklyn water makes all the difference. It’s the same reason they say the best bagels come from here – the water is exceptional, sweet, and delicious.

We rectify (purify) our water multiple times through active carbon at sub-zero conditions, a temperature condition many other vodka producers often forego.

Seven Day Small Batch

Each batch we make is small – about 270 gallons. It allows us to carefully watch quality and ensure each drop is perfect. After about seven days, we complete the blending, multiple filtration and testing cycles to reach optimal taste and quality.


We carefully designed unique vodka flavors using combinations inspired by tastes across Brooklyn.  From tropical fruit to Big Apples, we only use natural flavoring and a bit of real sugar in our flavor-infused vodkas.