Vodka That’s More Eastern Parkway Than Eastern Europe

Its name, Brooklyn Republic Vodka, radiates the borough’s prickly pride. … clean aroma, bright flavor and smooth finish.

A Spirit Grows in Brooklyn

Father-daughter team Gary Shokin and Kary Laskin are the drinkers, and brains, behind Brooklyn Republic Vodka. It’s the latest addition to Brooklyn’s expanding cabinet of homegrown liquor…

Drink NYC: A Vodka Grows In Brooklyn

Brooklyn Republic Vodka brings high quality handcrafted vodka to the borough.

Kary Laskin of Brooklyn Republic Vodka Talks Small-Batch Booze and Borough Pride

Like bagel-bakers and pizzaioli before them, the [folks behind Brooklyn Republic Vodka] claim that the secret ingredient to their vodka is the locally sourced H2O

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Vanity Fair’s guide to the best bottles (at your own risk!)

Na zdaroviye! Brooklyn finally has its own vodka

Brooklyn finally has a namesake vodka. … this father-daughter duo says that three things make their “Brooklyn Republic Vodka” worthy: They’re from here, they make it here, and they even use the borough’s famous water.

Made in Brooklyn: A Guide to Local Spirits in New York City’s Hottest Borough

The first vodka to be made in Brooklyn since Prohibition … Vaunted New York City tap water gives this vodka a clean, smooth finish, making it easy to mix with in cocktails.

Small-Batch Vodka, Made in Brooklyn U.S.A

I started with the original, unflavored Brooklyn Republic Vodka. It was delicious: smooth and rich … and slightly sweet.

A brand grows in Brooklyn: NYC’s most happening borough

Bon vivants can stock their bars with … Brooklyn Republic Vodka.